Boys Junior Varsity Soccer, Boys Varsity Soccer · East Central High School Soccer Varsity Boys beats Franklin County High School 10-0

Sport Soccer Varsity Boys
Home Score 10 Away Score 0
Game Recap
The East Central Boys’ Soccer team took on Frankilin County last night at East Central. EC scores started at the 35:30 mark of first half by Bittner with a cross from right side by Burns, next score was at 31:23 with a through ball from Williams and score by Burns, 3rd goal was at 24:27 with a through ball by Volker and Burns scoring, 4th goal was at 8:28 with a cross(Bangoo) from baseline from Burns and score by Brush, 5th goal was at 6:28 with a corner kick by Volker and head ball by Batta for score, 6th goal was at 5:11 from corner kick by Volker and follow up deflection goal by Batta, 7th goal was at 4:44 with a center ball by Volker to Zieser with Zieser shooting from top of box for goal, 8th goal was at 14 seconds with a left side pass from Chris Parisey to Burns for goal.Second half scoring started with the 9th goal at the 35:13 mark with a long pass from Vince Parisey and a break away goal by Fox and the 10th and final goal coming at 2:43 left in game from a Jason Amberger pass from left side to Chris Parisey and shot from top of box on right side.
Box Scores
Box Score: 1st 2nd
Franklin County High School 0 0
East Central High School 8 2
Goalkeepers – Franklin County High School


Name Saves
Goalkeepers – East Central High School
Name Saves
David Jutzi 0
Jacob Zengerling 0
Andrew Alig 1

Shots on Goal

Franklin County High School 1
East Central High School 43


Team Scorer Assister
East Central Jacob Bittner Sam Burns
East Central Sam Burns Grant Williams
East Central Sam Burns Mason Volker
East Central Joe Brush Sam Burns
East Central Keith Batta Mason Volker
East Central Keith Batta Mason Volker
East Central Tryston Zeiser Mason Volker
East Central Sam Burns Chris Parisey
East Central Kurt Fox Vince Parisey
East Central Chris Parisey Jason Amberger